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eltonleescore:4.5 / 52023-02-02
redpig1018score:4.3 / 52023-01-27
The location is a bit off center. There is less food nearby. The environment of the VIP Building is good, and the swimming pool is relatively small. The room is satisfactory. Generally speaking, it is satisfactory. The attitude of the service staff is good, and they feel at home
mivsbaiscore:3.8 / 52023-01-24
Old five stars... The victory lies in the superior position...
liyi58score:5.0 / 52023-01-21
Clean and sanitary
E02957101score:5.0 / 52023-01-20
There is a gym and swimming pool, and fruit is also given. The waiter calls a taxi for me. I'm very satisfied with the sea view room.
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