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Giant movie hotels, achieving a '1+1' greater than 2 effect between hotels and movies

Date: 2023-12-05

Nowadays, IP has fully penetrated into the business ecosystem, and cross-border IP has become a strategic method for common development among different industries, creating new business models. Due to the fact that movie elements are widely accepted and can be continuously updated synchronously, movie hotels in the hotel market are exceptionally popular, and new ideas for hotel IP have been proposed.

Jupian Movie Hotel is a themed cultural hotel brand under the Yibai Hotel Group, which is youthful, fashionable and avant-garde, and integrates film IP. It integrates the brand management concept of "comfortable living, comfortable viewing", and emphasizes entertainment and leisure demands in design while adhering to pragmatic functional configuration.

Movie themed hotels have personalized decoration needs. The Giant Film Hotel adopts a movie themed cultural atmosphere, with high star standard comfort and safety facilities, providing a comfortable and emotional viewing environment for young people who love movies, art, and coffee.

The blockbuster movie hotel strives for excellence to create refined operations and further refine its products. From entering the hotel to checking into the hotel room, the Giant Film Hotel creates an immersive experience of "staying in a movie". The lobby is full of movie elements, like entering a cinema, leisurely waiting for the movie to start; The hotel corridor is a long corridor leading to the cinema, full of movie elements; The guest room is a private VIP cinema, with good movies waiting to be screened; The restaurant is a movie museum that showcases classic films. The Giant Film Hotel provides consumers with a diverse film entertainment atmosphere by providing comprehensive supporting facilities and thoughtful professional services.

In addition to decoration, the audio and video system is the key. The guest rooms feature 1080p ultra high definition projection, a 133 inch large room screen, and YAMAHA5.1 surround sound system, providing viewers with an immersive experience and an ultimate viewing experience.

The hotel has recently added technological elements to intelligently integrate into its own brand culture, achieving a mutually beneficial effect. Add consumer experience through details. Facilities such as intelligent customer control, facial recognition check-in, robot services, etc. These incredible intelligent experiences have been fully realized in blockbuster movie hotels, where the hotel truly considers user experience and provides the most comfortable choices.

As Generation Z becomes the main consumer group, the "youthfulness" transformation of the tourism industry is moving faster and faster. In order to seize the opportunity in the consumer segmentation market in homogeneous competition, IP hotels are just hot. The blockbuster movie hotel has become a benchmark in the industry, thanks to its grasp of the new concept of hotel IP - precise positioning of service groups, providing guests with an immersive viewing experience, and achieving a "1+1" greater than 2 effect between the hotel and the movie.